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marrog ([personal profile] marrog) wrote2016-04-07 12:08 am

I miss LJ a little bit

Do you think if I came back people would talk to me? There are only like a dozen or so of you who post (out of, what, over a hundred?).

And now, a poll:

[Poll #2041617]

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Its true, it's like it used to be, although I do enjoy [ profile] andrewducker's carefully curated links.

How's the house doing after the epic refurbishment adventure?

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Mobile client won't let me answer polls, but I'm here, post occasionally and read daily.

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Hi there marrog, good to have you back! :)

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yes also the mobile ient is terrible and won't do polls

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Also on mobile, also can,t do polls, read LJ every day still....
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So, that's at least 35 people...